• The amount of air to be blown into each volume is determined.
  • Ensuring that the air spreads within the space, It is ensured that the grilles to be positioned are homogeneously distributed.
  • Does not create disturbing air currents,
  • It does not send the air directly to the collector vents,
  • It does not create noise, choosing the appropriate air velocities
  • Suitable for architectural design,

Grille Selection and Placement Importance – 1

The last elements of building ventilation systems are air distribution elements that are placed on ceilings, walls and floors and are generally referred to as “culvert”. Air distribution elements undertake the task of distributing the air supplied to the environment in a way that does not disturb the comfort of the people. Each type of distribution element has different firing characteristics, and it is an important task for the designer to find the appropriate combination according to the features, including the appearance aesthetics of the space. The selection and application of the air outlet points in the spaces is not less important than the other mechanical installation elements required for the same space. It should not be forgotten that the mechanical installation created with large investments has the risk of wasting the cost, as it will create situations that disturb the end users (air speed – temperature, etc.) due to the wrong selection and / or application of air distribution elements at the end points.

Culvert Selection and Placement Importance – 2

Grilles are considered as the most important element of a ventilation system. This is because it is faced with the end user. Errors made in indoor air distribution, especially in comfort air conditioning, are directly reflected on the users. This makes it important to choose and place the grilles that allow the indoor air distribution to spread within the space compared to the other elements of the entire ventilation system. Studies reveal that most of the problems related to ventilation systems are caused by culverts. For this reason, Grille Type Model Selection and all details regarding manufacturing are important.