Electrostatic Filter Unit
Celled Extractor Fans

Electrostatic Filter Unit

The polluted air is absorbed by the fan with the help of a washable metal caged pre-filter that traps large dust particles. Among the remaining particles, the ones that are as small as 0,01 microns are transferred to a strong electrical field where they are charged with electricity. The charged particles are then transferred to a collector plate section that consists of equidistant parallel plates. The grounded plates in between attract and collect the particles, while each successive plate is charged with the same polar electricity as the particles and therefore repel the particles. The device’s fume and steam elimination success rate is over 95%.


Using the electrostatic acceleration principle, it eliminates particles in the air such as odor, fumes, smoke, oil, dust and purifies the  polluted, foul smelling and oily air released by the businesses into the environment.
Areas of Use:
Restaurants Cafés
Food Factories Industrial Kitchens