Flat Blade Square Ceiling Diffuser

Flat Blade Square Ceiling Diffuser

Product frame is manufactured from extruded aluminium profile and its blades are manufactured by shaping aluminium or DKP sheets in the mould. Square ceiling diffuser, has removable flat blades.

Square ceiling diffuser application areas are extensive (hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, stores, conference rooms, offices, bank branches etc.) and is an air-conditioning component that ensures homogenous distribution air and return of polluted air from polluted environments. In addition to the standard 4 way deflection production, as an option they can also be made in 1, 2, or 3 way deflection diffusers. Removable internal blade construction means it’s easily installed and access to the plenum box is facilitated. An optional damper can be attached for regulation. The casing and the blades of square ceiling diffusers are made from aluminium and only 1st class aluminium profiles are used.