Roller Slot Diffuser

Roller Slot Diffuser

The casing of the product is manufactured from aluminium profile and the blades are from plastic

Roller Slot Diffusers are designed for the supply or return of air-conditioned air in the applied areas. They are assembled directly onto the plenum box by means of a bridge component and are manufactured as 1,2,3,4 slot types. The number of slots can be increased on request. By using an extension apparatus the slot diffusers can be made to look as a single unit. Blades produced using plastic injection method. These blades ensure that the direction of the flow of air can be independently adjusted from each other. The narrow frame and the roller blade structure of the Roller Slot Diffusers present an attractive and a decorative appearance. For this reason they are preferred for different architectural applications. Only 1st class aluminium profiles are used.