Bunker Fans
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Bunker Fans

Bunkers are sheltered structures that are built to protect humans from the effects of nuclear and conventional weapons, biological and chemical agents and natural disasters, and to protect lives and properties that are essential to maintain the war power of a country. These devices are manufactured to flow rate specifications between 1800m3/h and 10. 000m3/h. Different flow rate options may be available as per the customer’s request.

  • The cells are rock wool insulated, double-walled and are made of aluminum profiles. The exterior is made of painted galvanized sheets while the interior is made of regular galvanized sheets.
  • Double-suction radial fans are utilized.
  • Equipped with G4, active carbon filters and radioactive hepa filters.
  • May be available with bypass dampers upon request. With a bypass damper, under normal conditions, it can only operate with air flowing through the G4 filter.
  • Lead separators are available as an option.
  • The interior of the device can be covered with lead plates.